Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation and Group Discussion

Passing an entrance exam to your dream college or university for admission does not get you to the classroom. To be the part of them, you need to clear PI-GD conducted by the universities while admission process.

It will not be wrong to say, the clearing the exam could not assure you to be the part of the institute. Sometimes you may be left out just because the weak performance at you PI-GD. So crack this with our training program giving you the right skills with personality to clear all the levels and get into your dream University/ college.

PI- Personal Interview

It’s the time to impress and get your set confirmed. Personal Interviews are conducted to check out your skills and measure you on different basis. Here the proverb “First impression is the last impression” goes the right. The first few minutes expression and rest of is to establish it. So you need to prepare hard to give your best so that you can best.

GD – Group Discussion

Group discussion is more sort of a group activity or exercise made performed by various organizations and institutes to check various traits prevailing in one. There is group of people discussing and debating on a topic and giving out their point of view. One needs to have skills to clear this level as you cannot show up yourself but need to make a mark in the group. Traits like Communication skills, Leadership, flexibility, logical reasoning, Analytical reasoning, initiative etc. So you need to improve these skills in you to clear it with higher rank.

How we help you:

Clearing this level during admission process, takes a lot hard work on oneself. You need to excel in various skills to impress the invigilator. To add the flair in you, so that you can to win this level, we are here to provide you with training program focusing on the enhancement of skills needed to crack the PI-GD. Our objective is to help you achieve your aim and provide you with the best training in the city.

  • Using different methodologies like:
  • Simulated Interviews
  • Theory classes for tips to PI-GD
  • Discussion Forums
  • Written exercises

Etc. we try to add and enhance your skills to the extent that passing out any Interview or GD anywhere around the globe does not remain a tough task anymore.