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Have you thought about hiring Freshers? If not, think again!

With Freshers come many benefits. They are abreast with new technology and bring new perspective with a willingness to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. They are open to criticial feedback as they are keen to prove themselves and possess strong commitment levels. ‘And the Best Part is…….’ they are available at lower CTC and very useful when hiring large numbers.

“Nowadays Millions of young people graduating from Institutes, Colleges and Universities has been marred by employability issues. In addition to this, companies hiring from campuses across India are faced with the additional challenges:

  • selecting the appropriate campus to visit,
  • understanding campus trends,
  • branding themselves at campus,
  • Managing the logistics of coordinating with the placement offices on various campuses,
    setting the dates of various visits (pre placement student interaction, interviews etc.),
  • Conducting assessments and following up with graduating students before joining, etc
    all of which comes at considerable effort and cost.

For corporate, it is a cumbersome activity as it requires a number of activities to be performed and many of the companies may not have the resources or the time that would be required in the process.

We work to optimize job opportunities for students across our partner colleges and at the same time, we work to minimize the efforts made by our partner companies in looking for the right candidate. ”

The only problem with hiring Fresher is availability and employability which Bro4Pro is amicably taking care of. We have tied up with various colleges to provide us with continuous stream of Fresher’s who are trained on basic skills and presented to Organizations for fast-paced hiring.

If you are an organization in (urgent) need of Fresh Talent, just call Bro4Pro! or Register (TAB) and a Bro will soon connect with you!

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